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art collection and show

Image of an art collection wood carvings

The San Juan Island Library has a long-standing permanent art collection. Since 1996, artists and art patrons have donated a variety of art to the Library. Our collection features art from a variety of mediums including, carvings, glass, watercolor, acrylic, photography, and more.

The Library hosts regular art exhibitions displaying art by San Juan County professional and amateur artists celebrating a wide range of themes. Want your work to be displayed at the Library? Submit to our forthcoming art shows. For more information, contact

Donating Art

The San Juan Island Library District believes that the display of artwork in the building enhances the library environment for patrons. Therefore, to the extent that space is available, the Library encourages the exhibition of artwork which is of local and regional interest, and/or which enhances and complements the library’s other collections.

Upon recommendation by the Art Committee, the Board may choose to accept donated works of art. Once accepted by the Board, the donated art becomes the property of the San Juan Island Library District, which has sole authority thereafter re. its location, retention, and disposition.

Please contact Library Director, Laurie Orton, if you are interested in donating art to the Library.