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What is the Library of Things?

Explore other borrowing opportunities including telescopes, games and puzzles, birding backpacks, bat detectors, event equipment, and more! 

A Library of Things is a collection of items for loan that expands the boundaries of traditionally defined library materials. The collection supports a sharing economy, sustainability, and access to lifelong learning. 

Birding Backpacks Icon

aids for better living collection

Tools to help with vision, hearing, mobility, and communication. Try them out! 3 week loan. 

Bat Detector Icon

bat Detector

Hear the otherwise inaudible, ultrasonic calls of bats and learn about our nocturnal neighbors. 3 week loan.  

Bird Watching Kit Icon

birding backpack

Ready for birdwatching, this kit includes: a pair of binoculars; birding field guides; bird ID card; flora ID cards; local brochures and maps; and a Discover Pass. 1 week loan.

Board Games & Puzzles Icon

board games & puzzles

Explore our collection of board games and puzzles you can check out, take home, and play with friends and family! 2 week loan.

Cassette Player Icon

cassette player

Blast from the past! Listen to classics in their vintage format. 3 week loan.

DVD Player Icon

DVD player

Watch movies on the go with a portable or external DVD player! 1 week loan.

Enchroma Glasses Icon


Enchroma glasses were created to help correct red-green color blindness. Borrow a pair today! 3 week loan.

Event Equipment Icon

event equipment

Borrow event equipment for your next meeting, presentation, or gathering! 5 days maximum.

    • Apple Adaptors
    • Digital Projector
    • Easel
    • Screen
    • Kodak Slide Projector
    • Bluetooth Speaker
    • WiFi Hotspot
    • Dell Windows 10 Laptop
Experience Passes Icon

experience pass

Check Out Washington. Enjoy the sights, sounds, and unmatched beauty of Washington State Parks! 1 week loan. 

  • Art Museum?
  • Whale Museum?
Bird Watching Kit Icon

kill-a-watt energy detector

This device is a monitor that assesses the efficiency and electricity usage of household appliances. Plug it into your outlet, and then plug in the appliance you would like to assess into the Kill-a-Watt meter. It will assess: power consumption by the kilowatt-hour; electrical expenses by the day, week, month, or year; quality of power by monitoring voltage, line frequency, and power factor. 3 week loan.

Laptop Kit Icon

laptop kits

Enjoy laptop use and WiFi access with a Laptop Kit. Kit includes: laptop; WiFi hotspot; and power cords. 2 week loan.

Victor Reader CD Player Icon

victor reader cd player

An accessible, handheld digital media player for listening to books, newspapers, music, and more through a familiar telephone-style keypad with tactical keys. 3 week loan.

Portable WiFi Hotspot Logo

portable wifi hotspot

Accessing the Internet is easier than you may think with this portable device that you can use at home and beyond! 3 week loan.

Telescope Kit Icon

telescope kit

Explore the island’s night skies! This kit includes: Orion telescope; night sky maps; telescope books for kids and adults; night vision flashlight. 2 week loan.