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Virtual Program Archive

Explore our Virtual Program Archive, an online collection of programs that have been offered at the Library. This is a collection of programs that have been offered at the library. You will find videos on local history, wildlife, author talks, and more! Peruse the collection to gain an islander’s perspective on a wide variety of topics.

Know Your Islander: McKayla Bower

Saving the Kwongan: The Amazing Wildflowers of Western Australia

The Secret Life of Slugs

Nature’s Mysteries: Anatomy of a Prairie

Nature’s Mysteries: Caring for Your Park

Orca ID Lab with The Whale Museum

Nature’s Mysteries: Exploring Dirt and Soil with Ranger Jeff

Ukraine’s History with Russia: It’s Complicated with Necia Quast

Author Talk with Iris Graville

Hidden Histories: Echoes of the Opium War

Friends of Lime Kiln Society with Erin Corra

Hidden Histories: The Mexican American War

Hidden Histories: The Life and Crimes of General William Harney

Know Your Islanders: Lisa Holt & PADs for Parkinson’s

Boyd Pratt: “Fish, Traps, and Pirates”

Thor Hanson: “Hurricane Lizards and Plastic Squid”

Island Owls: Shona Aitken

Farming Along the Old Military Trail: A View From San Juan Valley – Boyd Pratt

Know Your Islanders: Dr. Jason Hodin and the UW Labs Baby Seastar Program

Nature Matters – The Secret Life of Trees

Nature Matters: What’s in the Mix: Rocks and Minerals of the San Juan Islands

Know Your Islander: Winnie Brumsickle – Perfumer

Boyd Pratt: The Kanakas of San Juan Island

Nature Matters: Wetlands, Nature’s Nursery and Filtration System with Ranger Jeff

Nature Matters: What’s Bugging You? Insects from A to Z with Ranger Jeff and Cynthia Brast

Know Your Islanders: Pearl Schuman, Native Zest

Who Eats Whom with Hannah Greene

College Planning with Jennifer Boyden

Oak Knoll Farm – The Pope Greene Family

Kim Rutherford: Strait of Juan de Fuca Open-Water Swim

Dr. Deborah Giles: Eba, the Whale-Poop Sniffing Rescue Dog

Know Your Islanders: San Juan Island Distillery

Therese Finn : Classic Films for the Holidays

Know Your Islanders with Russel Barsh: The Land We Stand On

Veterans Day Memorial with Boyd Pratt & Robin Jacobson

Know Your Islanders: Ian Boyden, A Forest of Names

Madrona Murphy (Kwiaht): Fruitful Futures

Wild Side: Shona Aitken, Changeover Time

True Animal Stories with Clare Hodgson Meeker

Know Your Islanders Talk: Larry Wight, Four Months on the Southern Border

Lynda Mapes: Mother Orca Tahlequah: the Whale Who Changed the Conversation

Mike Vouri: The Explorers

Nature Matters: The Scoop on the Scat

Nature Matters: Threatened: Stories of Endangered Species in the Islands

Erica Bauermeister: House Lessons

KYI: John Rummel & Vicky Hipkin: Life on Mars: Past, Present, and Future

Know Your Islanders: Thane Pratt, Kokoda Sketches: A Birding Trek across Papua New Guinea

Nature Matters- Written in Stone, the Geology of the San Juans by Ranger Jeff

Beginning Surfer’s Guide to Internet Genealogy with Boyd Pratt

Nature Matters- Salmon Bank: The Fascinating Story of a Place we Love